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 Anime Cosplay Halloween Dance in Saint John!

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PostSubject: Anime Cosplay Halloween Dance in Saint John!   Fri 29 Sep 2006, 13:17

Hi, i'm from the saint john anime club and I thought you'd all be interested to know that we're having an anime dance and overnighter.

Date: Saturday October 14 - 15
Place: Above Gamezilla on the coner of catherwood and ready street, parking lot provided behind the building.
Time: 8:00 pm saturday - 11:00 am sunday.

Cost for the dance is:
$6.00 without a costume
$5.00 with a costume
(if you show up without a costume we will have some parts to make you one to save you money.)
$10.00 for the dance and the over nighter.

We will be giving out tickets which will be used to pay for some events, as well as to be used in the prize auction at the end of the night.

Here are a list of ways you can get tickets, and what you can do with them after you get them.

Coming to the dance = 5 tickets
Staying for the overnighter = 5 tickets
buying something at the canteen = 2 tickets
Taking part in a game = 2 tickets
winning games = Various tickets depending on the game.
Helping out = Various tickets depending on how much time and how well

You can either pay with real money or pay tickets to rent a host for a dance.
The photo shoot room is going to be 1 or 2 tickets.
There will be an auction for the prizes at the end of the night.
We will have something for everyone who has tickets.

Bat Flying Contest
Bobbing for apples
Jack - o - lantern toss
Hot pumpkin

Judge = No
- Runs for 30 min, 1 round competition, 2nd round only for those that tie.
- Medium Prize for the Winner of Standard
- Tickets towards prize auction for the winner of light and beginner.
- Free Game Rental for 2nd and 3rd prizes

Judge = 1 animezing member and volunteers from out of town, or randoms from Saint John if needed
Person Running = Teddybear
- Runs approximately 30 min,
- each competitor gets to sing 2 songs.
- Medium Prize for the winner
- 3 random judges, preferiable 2 from far away.

Costume Contest
- Multiple Award Catagories
- Best Overall Costume (Big)
- Best Male (Medium)
- Best Female (Medium)
- Best Newbie (Small)
- Best Detail (Tickets)
- Various other catagories (Tickets)
- Walk around viewing until halloween party starts.
- Everyone votes at the begining of the halloween party.
- Winner announced at end of the halloween party

2 donated anime DVDs (Big)
1 donated Inu Yasha Plushie (Medium)
4 mangas of winners choice (13.00 + tax or less) (Medium)
3 free game rentals (Small)
Tickets towards auction (Tiny)

Auction Items:
Anime DVDs
Anime VHS
Anime Games
Key chains
Anime Carved pumpkins
A host for the remainder of the night (top 2 hosts)

Canteen - Casper (money) / Sarah (cooking / cleaning)
Cleaners - Raven
Decorators - Rebecca
Hosts - Alex
DJ's / Electronics - Humpy
Artists - Farron
Front Door - Teddybear
Helpers -
Security - Chuck

Host Club Room / Coat Check
Hosts prices = 5 tickets or .75 for a dance
= $2.00 for a half hour
Changing / Photo shoot room
Main Room
Back Room 1
Back Room 2

Events Schedual:

5:30 - 6:00 decorating and other prep work starts.
8:00 Dance starts (canteen opens with dance)
8:30 - 9:00 Pizza will be ordered
10:00 Dance part 1 ends, Intermission (halloween party set up starts)
10:30 Halloween party should be ready
10:30-11:00 DDR competition
11:00-11:30 Karaoke Competition Starts.
11:30-12:30 Halloween Party
Bobbing for apples
Bat flying
12:30 Halloween party break down, Dance set up
12:30 - 1:00 Dance continues (later if need be to accomodate all requests)
1:15 Dance ends and the prizes auction.
1:15 -1:30 Hall re-do and break
1:30 - 3:00 Anime will be playing in one area, DDR / Karaoke in another
3:00 Anime will be playing but anything else loud will be turned off so people can sleep.

On Going:
Photo shoot room
Raffle ticket sales
Bat / Ghoul - Send your loved on a cute foamy love letter in the shape of a bat or ghoul and a bag of home baked goodies
Trick or Treating (til dance ends)

Total Run Down of Costs for things:
Dance Entry $6.00 without costume / $5.00 with costume / $10.00 for the dance and over nighter
Host prices = 5 tickets or .75 for a dance / $2.00 for a half hour
Raffle tickets = $1.00 / 3 for $2.00
Bats / Ghouls = $1.00
Trick or Treating = If you are not a driver bringing down at least 2 passangers, you have to bring candy to get candy.
Canteen Prices:
Pop, Juice, Water = $1.00
Punch = $.25 cup
Coffee = $.50

Pizza = $1.25 per
Hot dogs = $.75 each
Ramen = $.75

Pockey = $2.00
Fortune Cookies = $.25

Combos = $2.00
#1: Slice of pizza and a drink
#2: 2 hot dogs and a drink
#3: Cup of Ramen, chopsticks, fortune cookie, and a drink.

No Outside Drinks.
During the dance and party all items are to be bag checked.
Make sure that your clothes are age appropriate.
No Horse Play
No offensive amounts of Public Affection.
Do not make any unwanted advances (this mostly refers to people renting hosts)
Be polite and give each other respect.
If you make a mess, clean it.
Any damange that you cause, you will be expected to pay for it.
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PostSubject: Re: Anime Cosplay Halloween Dance in Saint John!   Thu 19 Oct 2006, 04:20

Sounds like alot of fun!!! ^-^

I reject your realaty and substitut my own!
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Anime Cosplay Halloween Dance in Saint John!
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