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 Twisted System - Evolving As Always

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PostSubject: Twisted System - Evolving As Always   Wed 15 Nov 2006, 14:39

It is with great pleasure, and excitement that I am here to announce thatTwisted System (.:TS:.) has finally decided on a set five for the upcoming EDFest tournament. Twisted System will be without former CMD Source players: Brennan "who's nkn?" Ingraham, Nick "sh1ft" Daigle, and Trevor "f0rk" Martin. With the absence of these 3 members, Twisted System looked like they weren't much to be reckoned with. Team Leader Ray "dig0" Chase went out and found himself some new talent. Do you want to know a bit about them? Then read on...

The 5 consists of 2 former CMD Source players, while the other 3 are all new recruits.

Name: Aaron
Alias: Honcho
Location: Oromocto

- Formerly of CMD Source, he is moreso into the 1.6 gaming scene, but still spends some time playing Source. He's an extremely consistant player, and his experience is what allows him to succeed on the team. He possesses the ability to easily adapt to any situation, and is widely skilled with all guns. Aaron might be called upon to do some of the calling, as his 1.6 playing more than likely has some strats that could benefit TS in the Source tournament.

Name: Liam
Alias: bod
Location: Nova Scotia

- Liam has one thing that some gamers lack - dedication. He is making the trip from Nova Scotia to play for TS at EDFest. He was also in attendance for August's Lansomnia II. Liam is a very experienced online player, with both cal-o and cal-m teams to his team. Ever since Lansomnia, he's been playing consistently with dig0 in an extensive online community. Liam brings a solid game to the team, and will be well-prepared for EDFest.

Name: Luc
Alias: BeCool!
Location: Dieppe

- Luc is quite possibly the best knifer in the CSS scene. That aside, he's a pretty snazzy awper as well. Alongside dig0, he will be doing a lot of the awping for TS. He has played on an active online team for the past season, and has only gotten better since LanVasion. BeCool is used to doing a lot for his team, so he'll have an easier time with the strong lineup TS has. With the relief in pressure, perhaps he'll flourish evermore.

Name: Jamie
Alias: "R0cc0"
Location: Fredericton

- Jamie is the most recent addition to TS. He plays for a strong online team, and is a very consistant rifler. He's exactly what TS was looking for to fill in the gap in its roster. With his online experience, and his consistant rifling, he will mingle perfectly with the rest of the team. His only downfall is that EDFest will be his first LAN tournament. However, with the likelihood of "Beginner's Luck", it may turn out in his advantage.

Name: Ray
Alias: "dig0"
Location: Minto

- Everybody knows Ray's strategy - awp them all. Ray proved himself worthy at LanVasion with some quick awp skills, dropping the highest frag count for the team. After playing online with the likes of cal-o, cal-m, cal-i, cevo-a, cevo-p, and ESEA members, his awping has only improved. He will be running the strats, calling places, and organizing the team, as team leader. He did the recruiting and put the team together with what he saw best. Let's hope his judgement doesn't falter.

As everyone can see, Twisted System has quite a lineup of players slated for its EDFest appearance. With the addition of newcomers bod, BeCool!, and R0cc0, to veterans Honcho and dig0, Twisted System promises to be a team to watch. dig0, always approachable, offered his mindset on the event, "I go into every tournament with one thing in mind - winning. I'm going to be using my gun as often as possible. I kind of let of at LanVasion once we were winning. EDFest is going to be different. I'm looking to make a statement this time. Let's get this shit rollin'." Strong words from the main sniper for Twisted System, indeed. EDFest will be quite an event if everyone shows up to play, and Twisted System will have their hands full, as there is a lot of local talent that is starting to develop. The event is quickly approaching, so all of the teams are scurrying to get practices in, and set up some strategies. Everyone is looking forward to a great event. See you all there.
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PostSubject: Re: Twisted System - Evolving As Always   Sun 19 Nov 2006, 13:05

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Twisted System - Evolving As Always
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